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Founded in 2006, OneSource Centrics is a professional growth service agency for companies of all sizes. We are focused on product-market development within the paperboard-paper industry and maintain a successful track record in the 100% recycled paperboard industry.


We are well known for our high standards of integrity, trust, loyalty, and transparency, unlike any other, in the industry. We power-up our client-vendor growth with thorough and factual information.


OneSource Centrics collaborates with a network of expert professional partners who either have solutions to difficult challenges or know who does, which makes OneSource Centrics a highly sought-after company.

Our success is measured by our deliverables. We have a 100% success rate in exceeding client project expectations.

Rob Runyan
Founder and Principal

Paperboard-Paper Sales Executive with over 40 years experience, Mr. Runyan is a subject matter expert with a reputation for remarkable insight within the 100% Recycled Paperboard segment. He leads OneSource Centrics, Inc, with persistence and creative product-market development approaches that allows OneSource Centrics mill-converter-seller clients, alike, to reach their projected goals.

Patty Dance
CFO and Administrator

Patty Dance has over 40-years of corporate finance, accounting,  management, and administrative experience for a variety of companies within the Boulder-Denver Colorado area.

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